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Digital Marketing Solutions

I work with organizations and businesses to brand, promote, and build their audience. My work is dedicated to nonprofits and startups whose missions work to better the vast landscape of social issues and limitations to access in the industries of education, tech, and the Fine Arts. Let's transform your marketing and address equity together.

My Services

Client Work

1. Waukegan to College

Waukegan to College is a nonprofit in Waukegan, IL that aims to support the underserved youth population with college readiness and college access. The designer has worked with them for over two years on ongoing projects such as social media support, signage, annual impact reports, and a website redesign.

2. Carole Robertson Center for Learning

I am currently employed at the Carole Robertson Center for Learning in Chicago, IL. The nonprofit's mission is to educate, enrich, adn empower children and families in Chicago through education and child care for infants, toddlers, and youth through preschool and afterschool programming all across Chicago.


As the digital marketing specialist, I am a brand advocate, creative director, web designer, and graphic designer for most of the organization's print collateral, outdoor ads, reports, social media, and web pages for them for nearly two years.

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