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What is Jared all about?

Designing with a purpose, for a cause. Whether it is working with nonprofits to create a beautiful and strong brand, or bringing awareness to mental health or other social issues through art. If you have an idea, let's build it--together.

Digital Skills:

  • Adobe Creative Suite

  • Social media ad technology

  • Website-building platforms (WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Square Space, etc.)

  • Graphic design and photo editing

  • Print and pre-flight

  • Training and consultations

Art and commissions:

  • Abstract art (mixed-media collages, portraiture, paintings, clothing design, pin-back buttons, etc.)

  • Art show vendor bookings

Black Marble
Jared-Verdejo_artist_picture_headshot (5

Ever since I was young, I was always creating. I was the child who drew on the corner of his homework instead of actually doing the homework. Growing up I always told myself, "I am going to be an artist one day". Little did I know I always was one. I didn't know what a loaded term "artist" was. Everything around us is art. Thats's how my brain understands the world. My hardships and happiest moments all contribute to my inspiration. When I was able to advocate for myself and go to college, I chose to translate some of my artistic skills to the digital realm. I have an associate degree in digital media and design from the College of Lake County in Grayslake, Illinois. I began freelancing to help put myself through school. I discovered my love for learning and education in general. I decided I would use the skills I learn for good. Now I work with nonprofits of all kinds. I want to make a difference and make younger Jared proud. I know he would be.

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