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 Photo by Daniel Delgado 


Let's build something together.
Jared is a Puerto-Rican multimedia artist specializing in abstract art and digital design. With a background in graphic design and technical writing, Jared has pursued digital marketing and continues to explore the intersection between art and business. Currently, Jared’s professional work consists of nonprofit marketing while his personal and more traditional art is an intimate storytelling medium similar to sketching or journaling. With a passion for humanitarianism and social justice, Jared’s work synthesizes his own experiences and beliefs surrounding politics, mental health, race, and gender.
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What I Do

Jared Verdejo is an creative strategist and digital marketing professional. For me, art is not just a job, it's a lifestyle.

Graphic Design (Print and Digital)

Website Design and Management

Social Media and Content Strategy

Paid Advertisements and SEO

Outdoor/Out of Home Signage and Ads

Freelance Marketing Support/Consultations

Photo Restoration and Photo Editing

Video Editing

Book me for your art shows, fundraisers, and other events!

Multimedia Collages

Merchandise and Product Design

Large-Scale Art and Murals

Cover Art Design for Musicians

Kids Face Painting Service

Hand-Drawn Illustrations for: Post Cards, Invitations, Packaging Design, Tattoos, etc.

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